Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Year 3 become 'Nutrient Investigators!'

The Year 3’s became nutrient investigators this week following on from their lessons on food groups and nutrients in Science. Firstly we looked at a food label, and the meanings of the different colours on the front. After listening, Layla said 'if we eat food with red colours on the label, is it okay?' and we discussed eating them as part of a balanced diet.

On their tables children were given different food packaging and asked to take a look at the nutrients inside each item using the food labels. Some of the children were very surprised to find out how much sugar was in their favourite foods! After this, the children chose a particular nutrient and ordered the packaging they had from smallest amount to the biggest. Miss Betty was very impressed with the children’s resourcefulness skills as they worked together to compare the different nutrients.

We are hoping that after the children's first two Science lessons on food groups and nutrients, they will use what they learnt to help them make some healthy pizzas on their school trip to MOD.

Has your child done any further investigating at home? Or have they told you what any of the nutrients are? Comment their findings!

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