Friday, 20 September 2019

Year 4 Certificates 20/9/19

This week in Birch class Ellie has been awarded the E for Excellence certificate for her excellence understanding of rounding to the nearest 10. she has been able to apply her multiplication skills in rounding. Also, Lucas has been awarded the Star writer certificate for writing beautiful similes to describe a setting. Lastly, Sophie achieved a certificate for completing the summer holidays reading challenge. Well done to all of you!
Miss Islam

In Ash, Kaley won the reciprocity award for her interdependence and empathy.

Molly-May won the resilience award for staying in during break time to complete her work. She did this multiple times!

Gabriela won the reflectiveness award for creating a fact file about Anne Frank in her own time. I am impressed with the level of planning she put into it. 

Malachi won E for Excellence and Kanishka won Star Writer. 

Well done Ash for starting the year off with a bang! 

Miss Young

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