Sunday, 3 November 2019

Year 4 Certificates 1/11/19

Resilience: In Birch class, Adefolawemi has received this award because he has been working hard in all of his subjects and has been pushing himself to present the best work. Well done!

Resourceful: Peter has received this award because he has been able to complete a project of a  landmark (the London Eye) and find facts about it. He shared his learning with the whole class. Well done!

In Ash, Leah won resilience for managing distractions and trying her very best in maths and literacy. Frankie won resourcefulness for bridging together knowledge from his previous school and Broadford in Science. Jacob won reciprocity for bringing his team together during Halloween poem recitals. George won Teacher Happy for his excellent progress with managing his emotions. Blake won reflectiveness for his revision of his Halloween poem to incorporate more rhythm. Super stars!

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