Monday, 11 November 2019

Year 4 Roman army reenactment

For the glory of Rome!!

This week year 4 students were transported back to Roman Britain and inducted in to the most elite of ancient armies - The Roman Empire! Ash and Birch faced off in a battle for who could demonstrate the best Roman battle formations. We have been learning about ancient armies in topic, and one reason why the Romans were able to defeat the Greeks was because of their superior battle tactics. The Roman Empire deployed 3 formations in the course of a battle:

The Wedge

The Tortoise

The Orb

As the children completed the formations , they reflected on how disciplined Roman soldiers had to be to follow orders and not let their fellow soldiers down. Some children felt brave, strong and focused as they participated in the formations, while others said they would probably panic in a real battle! (Safe to say we are thankful we'll never know!) Both classes showed great resourcefulness and reciprocity, however it was Ash class who came away with the win as they were able to protect the Standard and also perform the Tortoise manoeuvre to escape.

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