Sunday, 23 February 2020

Year 4 Certificates 14/2/20


Well done Roberto for winning the resilience award this week. You have been concentrating in lessons, especially English.

Molly has earned the resilience award for her determination across the curriculum to improve and never give up. Molly will address her own next steps and works hard to meet targets. What a star!


Well done Jersey for winning the reflectiveness award this week. You are very thoughtful and loving towards Birch class and we will miss you. Thank you for everything!

Klaidi has worked hard to improve his presentation in recent weeks after receiving some feedback from a adults. This demonstrates his reflective attitude and shows his willingness to get better.

Jacob has been a super star, especially in literacy, with his deeply insightful and thoughtful ideas. He has fully immersed himself in our text, Varjak Paw, and shared some brilliant reflections with the class.


Well done Nancy for winning the reciprocity award this week. This week in Maths you have shown great team working skills when learning about fractions. You respected everybody's thoughts and you corrected them if they had any misconceptions.

George has won this award due to his kind attitude towards others when working in group tasks. George has been working extremely hard across the curriculum recently and we are very proud of him!

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