Wednesday, 2 December 2020

Christmas in Year 3


The next few weeks will be jam packed with lots of learning and also some Christmas based activities.

We are preparing a few songs for you to be filmed and put up as a whole school Christmas Concert! 

On Wednesday 9th December:

We will be recording our songs and readings, so please can your child be given something 'christmassy' to wear - either a jumper or accessory. They don't need to come in wearing it, it just needs to be ready in their bag. Please don't buy anything new for this just use anything you have at home!

If your child is not allowed to be in photos or videos and you would like them to be part of the recording please do let us know. We will be in touch to double check. 

11th December - Christmas Jumper Day

16th December - Christmas Dinner Day 

Order form for Christmas Dinners

18th December - Last day of Autumn Term

We are also accepting Christmas Cards in Year 3 however they can only be delivered to children in our Year 3 bubble. There will be class post boxes this year and the cards will be quarantined for 48 hours before we give them out.

Any questions please email us at

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