Monday, 14 December 2020

Year 3's Stone Age Afternoon

 As you may know, in Year 3 we have been using the book Stone Age Boy to frame our Literacy work this half term.

We are also learning about different historic buildings, including those buildings from the Stone Age.

This afternoon we decided to round off our learning on the Stone Age Boy with a celebratory Stone Age Afternoon.

The Year 3 children went outside and had a real campfire to enjoy whilst we read them stories of a similar nature to the Stone Age Boy. We had learnt about what the Stone Age people used fires for during our time reading Stone Age Boy.

We then came inside and our classroom had been transformed into a cave art painting extravaganza! Children either drew on brown paper on their tables or their tables were turned over for them to draw as if it was a real life cave!

The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and so did we!

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