Tuesday, 2 February 2021

Year 4's National Storytelling Week Rota

Year 4, we are so impressed with how many of you have shown such an interest in National Storytelling Week. A huge thank you to all the parents and carers who filled in the form and have agreed to read with their child - thank you so much for your courage! (In case you missed it, please read the blog post from yesterday). 

We have organised a rota which lets you know what part you are reading (you can access the book on Google Classroom and here.) If you are not reading with your parent/carer, then check Google Classroom to see which pages we want you to read.

When filming, make sure your video is landscape and that you are towards the side, like below. This is because Miss Young will need to edit your video to put up the text.

Then, upload your video to the Google Drive Folder. Please read this blog to see how you can do it. Make sure you upload your video to the folder by Friday (05.02.21). The videos will be edited and released on the following Monday. 

If you are interested in participating National Storytelling Week, please ask your parent/carer to fill in the form so we can get you on the rota!


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