Friday, 3 December 2021

Year 3 Superstars!

This week has seen the arrival of Christmas in Year 3!

The children have been super busy rehearsing their lines and songs for the upcoming Christmas Concert on Monday, as well as all of their usual learning. We are so proud of every one of the children for being amazing and coping with all of the changes that December brings.

Our superstars this week are:

E for Excellence: Billie, Megan, Johnboy

Star Writer: Jimmy, Emily, Flynn

4R's: Logan, Ruby, Pranav, Alex, Niamh

Teacher Happy: Aida, George, Loju

Rockstars:  Olivia, Macie, Lucas, Elise, Shivanshi, Jake, Khalifa, Larissa, William, George, Oliver, Zureiel, Ali, Ruta, Vanessa

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