Friday, 3 December 2021

Year 4 Certificate (26.11.2021 & 03.12.2021)



What a brilliant week we have had! 

We would like to congratulate our certificate winners for this week and next week:

The E for Excellence award goes to: Mihai, Frankie, Adu, Anna, Gracie and Netany

The Star Writer awards goes to: Nikola, Praharsh, Netany, Leonard, Angie and Elisa.

We have also awarded some children in other aspects of their learning and reaching the high expectations set in Broadford Primary school. 

We have students who have shown how they can think carefully about their learning and their choices and have used resources to help them support their work:

Well done to all the children who have earned their resilience, reciprocity, reflectiveness or resourcefulness award. Leonard, Thomas and Demi. 

Well done on your Happy Teachers award: Danny P and Christian 

Well done to all of these children  for achieving the next step in their tracker. 

Well done to all of these children who levelled up on trockstars or were the best players in the ttrockstar battle. 

Well done to Edward and Daniel for earning their Bronze Volunteering Certificates.  

Well done to Varvara for winning the Project Superstar award. 

Well done to all the children in Ash class for earning their Pen License. 


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