Wednesday, 19 January 2022

Games with the Greek gods in Year 3!


This week the Year 3's explored the realm of the gods. They learned that the people of Ancient Greece were polytheistic and believed that there was a god for each area of their lives.

Fascination rose as children became top-tier researchers and tried their best to retain the information gleaned from their sources.

'I didn't know Poseidon was the brother of Zeus!' - Bernardo

'Now I know what why Aphrodite has the symbol of an apple! She is my favourite Greek god.' - Faramade

Once the children soaked in as much information about the Greek gods as they could, they teamed up to challenge each other as to who has the most knowledge of the gods.

The room was electric with team work as they assisted each other in getting points for their team by answering the questions.

Year 3's are well on their way to understanding the ways of the Ancient Greeks and we look forward to making connections with how this civilizations has contributed to our modern day civilization.

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