Friday, 28 January 2022

Marvelous Magnets in Year 3

In Science this term the children are learning about 'Forces and Magnets'. Today,the children worked in mixed ability pairs to design, make and evaluate a magnetic game. The children looked at magnetic forces and how some materials are attracted to magnets and how some are not. The children used both their resourcefulness and reciprocity skills to work together and design and make either a racing game, fishing game or magnetic maze and used paper clips and paper to create magnetic objects. The children then used magnets to get their game pieces moving and played their games together. After, they swapped their game with another pair and tested theirs out. They then used their reflective skills and evaluated their games, looking at what went well and what they could improve on next time. The children had a clear understanding of which materials were attracted to a magnet and which were not. 

Annabel - "Paper clips are attracted to magnets because they are made of metal."

Alex - "Magnets create a magnetic force that is very strong."

Louie-Ray - " You can move the paperclip under the paper with a magnet."

Super work achieved by all !

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