Friday, 13 May 2022

Year 3 Certificates 13.05.22

Year 3 have had another brilliant week of learning. All of the children have been engaged in their learning and we are very impressed with their work! 

In Literacy, we have continued with our story Stone Age Boy, and this week, the children have been writing a recount of events leading up to the character waking up in the Stone Age. Today, the children had the opportunity to present their work to their peers, and what a fantastic job they did!

In Maths, we have had lots of fun continuing our learning all about fractions. We moved on to learning all about equivalent fractions, before looking at fractions on a number line. We ended the week by finding fractions of a set of objects.

In RE, the children had a fantastic time learning all about Sikhism and how they celebrate important festivals. To support the children's learning they got to learn a Bhangra dance, which is performed during the Vaisakhi festival that celebrates the harvest. 

As always, it has been another eventful week full of learning, exploring and investigating. All of the children have been super engaged and focused, which always makes our job of choosing the certificate winners tricky, but here we have our week 4 super stars:

E for Excellence: 

Louise, George L and Flynn

Star Writer: 

Kolby, Ruby and Bella

Teacher Happy:

Camila, Macie and Bernardo


Manuella, Darci, Pranav, Simon and Ekyakim




George K, Macie, Rosie, Megan, Lexi, Sophia, George L and Khalifa. 

We hope you have a relaxing weekend and we look forward to seeing you all back on Monday for another fantastic week of learning. 

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