Thursday, 5 May 2022

Year Four Science in Summer 1!

 Year 4 have been working hard as investigative scientists this half term. We began by completing our unit on States of Matter with an experiment that researched and explored how the states of matter can change between solids and liquids. 

Our scientists made predictions about their results, conducted the experiment and collated their data, all while showing their reciprocity skills in their research teams. It was wonderful to see the curiosity and interest shown by the students in their careful monitoring and recording of the melting times of each type of chocolate and their interpretations of their results. 

This week, we have begun our newest science unit; Electricity! We differentiated and compared different electrical appliances in our daily lives and their electrical consumption through their usage of mains or battery powered electricity. The scientists c

We are so excited to begin creating our own electrical circuits and appliances in the coming weeks. 
Well done to all of our scientists on their fantastic work and resourcefulness this half term!


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