Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Shape Hunting in Year 3

This week, the Year 3 children have been using their investigative skills effectively to determine the different features and names of 3D shapes. Using their shape dictionary, they were able to deduce the names of the shapes by reading the definitions and comparing them with the physical shapes in front of them.

Misconceptions were identified quickly as they read each definition of the 3D shapes. 

"I didn't know that a square was just a special type of rectangle! I was confused when it said a cube had 6 rectangular faces. I now know that a square is just a rectangle with 4 equal sides." Adam, Hazel

After the children were confident in the features and names of the different shapes, they continued their hunt outside to see if they could find 3D shapes in the real world! 

"It's a bit out of shape, but this ball is definitely a sphere!" Alex, Sequoia 

Great job Year 3! I wonder if you can name any 3D shapes at home, too?

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