Friday, 16 December 2016

Year 4 Church Performance (Mon 19/12) IMPORTANT INFORMATION!

On Monday the children of Year 4 will be performing for a special Christmas service at St George's Church on Chippenham Rd at 5pm.
At 1:30 we will be going straight to the venue, then remaining there to rehearse until the performance starts at 5pm.
Before the performance we will be ordering pizza for the whole year group.
If your child has not been involved in the school-based rehearsals and is therefore not performing at the church, you may pick them up from school on Monday either at 1:30, or the normal time of 3:15 (they will spend the final part of the day helping out in other year groups).
Finally, we invite parents and carers to come and watch the performance at 5pm. The children have been working very hard to perfect their artwork, drama, rap, poetry, dance and singing and we would love to see you there to appreciate the fruits of their effort!

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