Monday, 5 December 2016

Willow class battle for the rainforest!

To conserve or to develop on rainforest land? That is the question.

This term in topic, Willow have been exploring the rainforest. Specifically, they have been investigating why animals are becoming endangered! In line with this, they have been researching why the rainforest is so important, revealing that: the rainforest provides 20% of the oxygen we breathe, many medicines (25%) have origins from plant derived sources in the rainforest and that much of the food we eat also stems from the rainforest! At this point in their learning, it seemed almost unjustified to destroy this unique ecosystem.

However, Willow soon shockingly discovered that 50 football pitches of rainforest is being destroyed every second. As Samanyu Handoo correctly calculated, that's 100 football pitches in 2 minutes! The question being: Why?

To truly understand and grasp why some people want to obliterate precious acres of flora and fauna, Willow took on the role of four different characters and sat in the hot seat: being interrogated, questioned and challenged by their fellow audience.

After this, Willow took part in... THE BIG DEBATE: To conserve or develop on the rainforest land? Although they hoped to reach a conclusion, they soon found that this proved difficult. 

What do you think?

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