Sunday, 18 November 2018

Anti-Bullying Week In Year 4

This week was anti-bullying week and to mark the occasion the children in Year 4 spent some time going through and signing our anti-bulling contract. We spoke about the impact of our actions upon others and defined what buying behaviour might look like. The children were very reflective and understood how bullying can take many different forms.

We also enjoyed a theatre performance of 'The B-word' which delivered a strong message about the effects of bullying. We ended the week by watching some impact videos whereby other children and parents shared their stories and experiences of bullying- some with devastating conseqences. This really hit home with the children and inspired them to  create a pledge to choose respect and 'do more nice things more often'.

I am going to try and make sure I say something nice to someone each day, just because it will make them feel good - Jessica 

I am going to make sure I ask someone to play if I see them looking sad - Summer 

It's made me remember that sometimes you say something and think its a joke but it actually might hurt someones feelings.  - Maisy

Remember: choose respect 

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