Thursday, 1 November 2018

Hazel's Pyramid Takeover!

Following yesterday's research into the pyramids of Ancient Egypt, Hazel took to the drawing board to plan how to build their own. In numeracy, each group worked out how many individual cubes they had...

Grace has the great idea of counting them as groups of 5 instead of counting them individually, which saved us a lot of time!

We found out that group 1 had 470, group 2 had 349, and group 3 had 243. Andrew was the first to finish his column method addition correctly making a grand total of 1062 cubes, which meant that we had enough of 14 layers. After lunch, Hazel set about joining the correct number of cubes together and started to stack them neatly.

Peter and Jersey counted the amount of cubes left over... 54. This meant that as a class, we had used 1008 cubes!

After some initial fussing over cubes at the start, Hazel realised that success in teamworking tasks takes maturity and encouragement. This was a great exercise that required patience, teamwork, and resilience to prove that mathematics really is needed and used in the real world. Good job Hazel!

10 Housepoint Challenge
If we were to add a fifteenth layer to our pyramid, how many cubes would we have in total?? Answer in the comment section below or give your answer to Mr Nicol tomorrow!

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