Friday, 11 October 2019

Year 4 Certificates 11/10

In Birch, Callie won the resilience award for working at her best level in Math since last week. She is fantastic at adding negative and positive numbers and is now beginning to use the column method to add 3 digit numbers.

Lucas and Grace have won the 'I have made my teacher happy' award. This is because they have been very enthusiasts about the learning taking place in school and have completed their own research at home. They have shared this learning with their class.

Well done!

In Ash, Klaidi won the reciprocity award for being a good listener and a good talk partner.

Jolene won the resilience award for persevering through 4-digit addition questions which she found tricky.

Tilly (not pictured) won the reflectiveness award for her carefully planned Vindolanda independent homework.

Freddie J won the resourcefulness award for being curious about his learning in Science.

Well done!

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