Monday, 21 October 2019

Year 4 Certificates

This week in Birch, Nathan has achieved the 'Reflectiveness' award for reflecting well in Maths. He was able to identify a mistake on a clock. He said that he saw 'IIII (4)' and explained that this was wrong. It should be IV. In general, Nathan has been working extremely hard in Maths and I am very proud of him. Well done!

This week in Ash, Blake achieved the resourcefulness award for being absorbed in his science lesson and figuring out new ways to search on Google about food chains.

Alfie achieved Reciprocity for handing out his classmates morning work books so neatly and respectfully without being asked to.

Ollie achieved reflectiveness for connecting his ideas and being an independent learner.

Chris (not pictured) achieved the resilience award for improving on his handwriting - the most improvement any adult has seen in years.

Well done children!

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