Saturday, 5 October 2019

Year 4 Certificates 4/10/19

Nancy has received the E for Excellence award in recognition of her hard work in Maths. She can confidently add and subtract positive and negative numbers in context. Well done!

Charlie has received the Star Writer award for his excellent use of adjectives and alliteration in his story. He is able to explain simple changes he has made in his work.

Moyin has received the Reflective award for being able to research extra information about Anne Frank, reflect on previous learning in class and share new learning with her class mates.

Aaliyah-Shae won the resilience award for powering through her negative number maths problems.

Katlyn won the resourcefulness award for independently researching the 12 times table and converting the answers into Roman numerals.

Blake won the reflectiveness award for carefully planning his decision and action episode on his whiteboard with some great similes too!

Ollie (not pictured) won the reciprocity award for voluntarily helping his classmates during maths.

Well done Ash for a brilliant week! Miss Young

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