Monday, 11 January 2021

Perfect Pitch in Year 4!

Last Friday, Year 4 attended a Google Meet where we discussed the topic of pitch. The children were engaged, focused and had their minds blown when Miss Young demonstrated how pitch changes when varying amounts of water are put into glass bottles. Miss Young then blew the top of the bottles, and they created the opposite pitch to when they were tapped! 

Please click here to watch Year 4's brilliant submissions of finding high and low pitches in their houses. They uploaded these videos to their Scintillating Sound Padlet. 

"The pitch of a sound is how low or high the sound is." - Layla, Ash

"A high pitch has faster vibrations and a low pitch has slower vibrations." - Ethan, Birch

"The longer, thinner and denser the object, the lower the pitch." - Tavia, Larch

"The shorter, thicker and less dense the object, the higher the pitch." Nicole - Larch

A huge round of applause for children doing their Broadford job number 2; trying their best in every lesson. You are all brilliant scientists!

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