Thursday, 23 May 2013

Time Travelling in the Tardis!

Last week, Rowan were astonished when suddenly Doctor Who's tardis appeared in their classroom!

At first, we were not sure what is was - then when Kye bravely entered it and got transported to the Tudor times, we knew it was a time machine!!

In our history this term, we have trying to work on our ability to place historical events in chronological order.  We have built time lines and researched when important things happened, but we needed to try and understand how they related to each other. 

This became great fun when we were to do this by time travelling!

'I went back to the Roman times. I was in Italy and it was very hot. The Romans were busy building roads.' - Thelma.

'I went back to the Tudor times and brought back a tablet that the school children used to write on instead of paper.  I met King Henry and had to do some jobs for him.' - Kye (luckily Kye did return from the Tudors intact, complete with original head!)

'I went back to the Victorians and had to go to school there. They were really strict and I got told off twoce for talking! I do not want to go back there!' - Molly

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