Friday, 28 April 2017

Broadford Beatboxers!

Yesterday, Key Stage 2 were incredibly fortunate to have 'The Beatbox Collective' visit for the day. Each year group had the opportunity to work with the professional beatboxers and were able to learn some impressive skills!

"It was cool because we were learning a new skill. Fredy is talented at beat boxing and taight us how to create our own beatbox sounds," Isaac, Redwood.

The children were so excited to hear the performers freestyle and make music without any instruments.

"It sounded like a whole band was playing even though it was just Fredy and the microphone!" Fayo, Sequoia.

The children had the opportunity to play a range of games including 'guess the sound' and 'musical statues'. Some were even lucky enough to hear MC Fredy beatbox whilst playing the harmonica! (check out the Facebook page for the video).


 "Toby was so cool, he  used something called a loop station to make lots of different sounds play at the same time!" Freddie, Maple

Overall, Key Stage 2 had an amazing day and have all become budding beatboxers!


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