Thursday, 4 May 2017

Fraction Fun in Year 3!

This week, Year 3 were set the challenging task of representing one half of 12 in as many creative ways as they could possibly think of.

They were able to use all of the objects around the classroom and were encouraged to think outside the box! 

"It was really fun to show how when you find a half of something, you divide it into two groups. I used a clock and put the minute hand on 6 because I knew there are 12 hours on clock and half of 12 is 6!" Harry, Hazel.

Some children even used their hands to show half of 12. They worked together to show 12 fingers and put down 6 to represent one half! 

Other children applied their creative skills and drew pictures to represent one half of 12. 

"We drew 12 objects and then we coloured in 6 to show that they were part of one group out of 2. That is the same as saying 1/2 of 12." Paige, Hazel.

"We actually used books to show half of 12. We knew it was important that they were the same type of book because each part of the whole must be equal. In other words, the denominator represents equal parts of one whole" Arya, Sequoia.

Overall, Year 3 thought of some incredible ways of representing 1/2 of 12. They are now much clearer in their understanding of what the denominator's role is and how you can find a fraction of an amount. Great job, Year 3!

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