Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Let's navigate...

Let's navigate 

Today, Willow class had the pleasure of venturing into London after planning their very own school trip. One group were assigned cathedrals, another buildings and finally bridges. The children had to take into consideration a multitude of factors besides their route: what trains they would have to take, where they would have lunch and even... where they could access a public toilet!

This may seem a simple task, but we had to overcome a few minor difficulties along the way, including following a map that only took account of how to drive to places (we were not driving). On the other hand, some children flourished, taking on the leadership role and guiding the rest of their group in the right direction. A special shout out goes to the wonderful Mia, Daniel Tonu, Sam Handoo and Ashroosh Valliani, whose teachers commented on their remarkable leadership skills.

Although the children may collapse in their beds tonight, they certainly achieved a lot from this trip, particularly in terms of using their map skills and applying their learning to an every day context. As agreed by all adults on the trip, Willow were  incredible! 

Thanks again to our adults, you helped make today a fabulous and thoroughly enjoyable experience!

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