Monday, 22 May 2017

Willow Class Star Writer

Willow Class Star Writer 

This week in Willow, our star writer is the fantastic Frankie Woolnough, after producing an outstanding newspaper article on the capture of Robin Hood. It is no wonder that Frankie managed to produce such an incredible piece of writing, after she fully engaged and participated in the lesson. Constantly, Frankie contributed to class discussion, worked well with her partner and shared some fabulous ideas that other children could magpie.

In her writing, Frankie was able to apply the features of a newspaper article. She was able to use a passive voice, use a range of adverbials and ensured that she remained in a journalistic tone throughout, rather than writing her article as if it was a story.

Keep up the great work ethic Frankie and your writing will continue to soar! A pleasure to read. 

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