Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Willow Reflect on their Mapskills

Following our trip to London, this week Willow have been preparing presentations, evaluating and reflecting upon their journey. The children were split into groups of 5, 2 groups on bridges, 2 groups on cathedrals and 2 groups on buildings. Using their reciprocity, the children had to decide on a way to present their findings. Similarly to the trip, it was up to the children how they presented it, although they had topics they had to cover and evaluate within their presentations.

Delegating the tasks amongst themselves, some of the children took control of the iPad, designing and presenting information on google slides, whilst other children chose to create an informative poster.

Today, the children took to the spotlight, ready to share how their journey unfolded. Children remarked on how they would improve their journey. Some children explained they hadn't selected appropriate places to have their lunch, some struggled to find a free public toilet and others even admitted to having completely wrong directions, having screenshotted how to drive to each location. 

Most importantly, the children  remarked on how they enjoyed their experience and how their mapskills have now improved as a consequence. Great presentations Willow, a pleasure to watch :)

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