Monday, 16 November 2020

Scintillating Sound in Year 4!

Last week in science, Year 4 started learning a new topic; Sound. 

Our very first lesson was about how sound is made. The children carried out multiple experiments:

  1. Banging a drum with some coffee grinds/rice/flax seeds on top
  2. Playing a tuning fork and dipping that in water to see the water ripple
  3. Hitting a coat hanger with string attached on the top to hear the vibrations
  4. Twanging a stretched rubber band
  5. Flicking a ruler to see it vibrate

We all came to the conclusion that sounds are made of vibrations, which travel through a medium (e.g., liquids, solids or gases) from a source and into our ears

"The rubber band looked like it was producing 1 million rubber bands all at once! That's because it was vibrating so fast that my eyes couldn't keep up!" - Madalina, Ash

"I noticed that the longer the tuning fork, the lower the pitch, and the shorter the tuning fork, the higher the pitch! I wonder why that happens..." - Iyinope, Ash


"It's really cool when the tuning fork is placed inside the water because the water moves and makes tiny bubbles" - Daisy, Birch

"I wonder what would happen if we play music underneath water? I wonder if the water would move if we play the music very loud?" - Ellie, Birch

"The different pitches from different size forks is so interesting!" - Brian, Larch

"The harder you hit the drums, the more vibrations I saw and felt." - Sophia, Larch

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