Friday, 6 November 2020

Stone Age Boy comes to Year 3


This half term Year 3 will be studying the book 'Stone Age Boy'. Luckily, this also matches up with the work we are doing in History!

This week we dived straight in.

After we were shown a small part of the book, we made predictions on what we thought would happen. 

We then were given parts of the book and we had to sequence them in the right order.

When we had done this we then drew a story map using our own pictures and words.

We have also focused on our descriptive writing and used expanded noun phrases to describe the caves that were seen in the Stone Age Boy.

"The magical, mystical cave with a soft mossy floor" - Maya-Rose

"The gloomy, mysterious cave" - Ana K

Year 3 have engaged really well with the text and are excited for the next few weeks of learning!

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