Monday, 9 November 2020

Using My Book Blog in Year 4

We wanted to remind parents about the brilliant online resource that helps develop children's vocabulary and comprehension: MyBookBlog.

Children are supported to choose a great book using MyBB’s blurbs, book trailers and the ratings and reviews of other children. Not all reading books will be available on there, but we will try and add books that we are reading in class, so that children can still utilise the resource.

We encourage the children read for at least 15 minutes every evening. You can support them to do this by reading a chapter or two to them, as well as listening to them read. 

After the children have read a chapter, they can return to MyBB for support through the story. They blog their thoughts and feelings, grow their vocabulary, explore book- related non-fiction, and collect jokes and cards as they read.

To access MyBB, children can click here and use their own unique password formed of an animal, a colour and a number. This can be found in all children's reading records, but please let us know if the children need another copy. It might be best to bookmark the page, so that it is easy for the children to access it quickly.  

We also wanted to remind you about our new, exciting reading initiative: 105 books to read before you leave Broadford. In year 4, there are 15 high quality texts that we believe will have such a positive impact on the children. These are the books we recommend the children in Year 4 read:

Thank you very much for your patience with changing books this year. Unfortunately, due to COVID, the children have not been able to choose their own books in the library. However, we are doing all we can to make sure that they are still able to change their books regularly and safely. Please remind the children that if their books need changing, they must let us know on Friday, so that we can quarantine the books over the weekend. We will then provide the children with a new reading book on Monday.

Keep reading Year 4!

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