Monday, 9 November 2020

Year 4's Adventurous Adding

 Year 4's Adding 4-Digit Numbers Using Counters

This week year 4 have started a brand new unit in Maths which is Addition and Subtraction. The first part of this unit is to add 4-digit numbers without exchanging. 

All classes in year 4 started learning how to add 4-digit numbers using counters and a place value chart. Children were given a mathematical calculation such as 2342 + 3426=. The first step was to make the first number from their calculation. The next step was to make the second number from their calculation. Then children started adding the ones column, then tens, then hundreds and finally thousands. 

Counters are a fabulous resource that can be used in mathematics in a number of ways to show pattern, model our thinking and keep track of moves made when completing calculations. 

"The colours of the counters help me remember the value of each number which helps me add easily" Tyler, Birch.

"The counters help us physically see the number we are adding" Medeea, Birch.

"When we use the counters, it's easier to see that the number is getting bigger and to count them for your answer,"
Annabelle, Larch. 

"It really helped me see each column on its own. So I can do the second step to success and start from the ones column." Olivia, Ash

Do not forget the steps to success year 4!
Step 1: Label the columns
Step 2: Add the ones column to begin with.
Step 3: Then add the tens, hundreds and thousands.
Step 4: Finally, check your answer and make sure you have counted properly. 

Well done to everyone who has worked hard this week. 

You are all mind-blowing mathematicians!

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