Friday, 30 April 2021

Perfect PE in Year 4!

This week in PE, we had a carousel of activities:
  • three-legged race
  • ladder footwork
  • bean sack race
  • long jump
  • under arm throwing
  • relay racing
  • sprinting
Year 4 demonstrated their reciprocity by getting themselves into groups 12. Teamwork was demonstrated when there was racing, and there was a perfect balance between competition and racing. Children cheered their team members on, and also encouraged their opponents too. 

"PE was so much fun. I loved working with friends that I normally don't in class." - Caden, Larch

"The three-legged race was difficult, but if you chant out together then it gets easier!" - Abdulmalik, Ash

"I wanted everyone to win today!" - Mia, Birch


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