Thursday, 9 September 2021

Powerful Place Value in Year 4

 Powerful Place Value in Year 4

Our wonderful Year 4’s have been developing their understanding of place value by using concrete resources such as place value counters and dienes to support them. This week we have been exploring the value of each digit in a number and partitioning numbers. Below we have shared the different thoughts that children have shared during their learning. 

“It is good to label the place values so that you remember what each part represents”. (Isla, Larch)

“Partitioning numbers is really cool. You can see the value of each digit, separately.”(Kevin, Larch)

“We can partition numbers in many ways. So 670 can be partitioned into 600 and 70 or 500 and 170.” (Aliza, Birch)

“Place value shows us the value of each digit in a number.” (Birch, Faizah)

“The place value holder helps you to remember the numbers value even if there’s nothing in the column.”(Edward, Ash)

“Always label your columns.”(Fran,Ash)

Fantastic work Year 4. Keep it up!

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