Thursday, 23 September 2021

Year 4 - French - 23/9/21

The Year 4 students have been having lots of fun learning French over the last few weeks. They have learnt greetings, how to say and write colours and how to sing the alphabet!

Here is Larch having a go at the alphabet!
'Lots of the letters are similar to what we say in our alphabet!' - Steven

Here is Birch having a go at marching to the French alphabet!
'It is interesting how the j and the g sound like the opposite in French.' - Corey

Here is Ash practising their alphabet - Watch how they keep in time with their marching!
'It is funny how w is double v in French' - Finley

We will be continuing to learn lots of basic French in our upcoming lessons, focusing on classroom objects and animals. 

Many thanks,

Year 4

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