Friday, 24 September 2021

Year Four Certificates (24.09.2021)


Well done to Year Four on another fantastic week of learning and fun! We have been Beryl, the frightened, guilty bogeymum, we have danced our socks off, we have marched in Roman formation and also, in French! The Year Four teachers can't stop smiling at all of the wonderful memories we are making and we hope everyone has a restful weekend before another jam-packed week!

We would like to congratulate our certificate winners this week. 

E for E: Our E for Excellence awards this week were awarded for students who went above and beyond in their learning all week and were exemplary classmates in Year Four.
Well done to:   Blake, Viviana and Ava

These students wrote beautifully this week and deserve special recognition for their wonderful creativity and thoughtful writing
Well done to: Aimen, Sarah and Lucas

We have students who have shown how they can think carefully about their learning and their choices and improve themselves and their work as a result.
Well done on your Reflectiveness Award to:   Adu and John

Our students have also been strong and not given up this week, even when times were tough. We are so proud of you!
Well done on your Resilience Award to: Gracie-Ann, Ellie-Maie and Sarah

Presentation Award this week for beautiful handwriting is awarded to: Ehan

And a well done for completing the Summer Reading Challenge to: Shivangi

Congratulations to all of our winners and all of our lovely Year Four students; you are all superstars!

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