Friday, 24 September 2021

Water Transportation in Year 3

 Today the children continued with their Plant topic in science and carried out an investigation to see how water is transported in plants.

The children learnt about the zylems in plants and how their are veins in the leaves that transport the water. They then set up their own investigation using celery, water and food colouring.

The children made predictions about what they thought was going to happen and why.

We will look at the celery again next week and see if the water has transported through it to see if their predictions were correct and then write their conclusions. 

All children showed great reciprocity by listening to each other and displaying empathy as well as being reflective by planning carefully , revising their ideas and talking about their learning together.

Flynn - "I predict the celery will turn blue."
Areya - "Water is transported from the roots to the top of the plant."
Johnboy - "Leaves have veins!"

JJ - "This is so cool, I love experiments! I think the celery will change colour"

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