Friday, 1 April 2022

Year 3 Easter Hunt Rhyme Time!


The Year 3 children had to use all of their 4R skills this morning, to not only solve the rhyming clues, but also fill in the missing words,  in order to find the chocolate treats!

There was much fun and laughter as the children worked together to solve each clue and even though it was a little snowy and cold out, it didn't dampen the children's spirits!

Well done Year 3 for solving the clues and finding the treats. you demonstrated fantastic teamwork. 

I liked how we used clues to help us find our Easter treats! - Megan 

It was so much fun solving the clues and finding the chocolate! - Logan

“That was so much fun. I love rhyming clues !” - Rosie 

“I really enjoyed solving the clues and finding the chocolate .” - Faramade 

Have a restful and relaxing Easter break and the Year 3 team look forward to seeing you all back on Tuesday 19th April.

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