Friday, 29 April 2022

Year 4 Certificates- 29.04.2022


Year 4 have had an amazing second week of the summer term. We have thoroughly enjoyed watching them continue to grow as learners and they have never failed to amaze us. This week in In Literacy, children been exploring effective adverts. Furthermore, in Maths, children have battled with improper and mixed number fractions.  In addition to this, children have been discovering how different things can change it's shape once is melted and we have broadened our knowledge of Ramadan and Eid. All children in Year 4, have shown great learning however, a huge well done to the children below who have shown exceptional, outstanding learning this week. 

The E for Excellence awards go to: 

Sienna, Shivangi and Viviana

The Star Writer awards goes to: 

Aliza, Noah and Lexi

We have also awarded children for their efforts in their learning, their pupil jobs and reaching the high expectations set in Broadford Primary school. 

The children who received certificates for the 4R awards are: 

The resilience certificate goes to: Awwal

The 'I have made my teacher happy' award goes to:


Well done to Mason for achieving his Human Calculator certificate. 

Well done to the group of children below for levelling up on their trackers. You have shown excellent work this week. 

Well done Yr 4!

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