Friday, 1 April 2022

Year 4 Certificates! 01.04.2022


SPRING TERM! This has been an incredible term in Year 4 and we are so proud of each and every student for the progress they have all made and the hard work they have put in. Thank you to all of the families and friends that came to parents evening, who made hats and who do their best every single day too. From Miss Higgins, Miss Islam and Ms. Delahunty; we are the luckiest teachers ever and can't wait to see you all again on Tuesday 19th April. 

We would like to offer our proud congratulations to our certificate winners for the past two weeks!

The E for Excellence awards go to: 

 Harry and Tele!

Olivia and Nathaniel!


Fatimah and Ellie!

The Star Writer awards goes to: 


Zoe and Freddie!

Janiyah and Lexie!

Well done to our SUPER spellers and 100% Attendance award winners for Spring Term!

We have also awarded children for their efforts in their learning, their pupil jobs and reaching the high expectations set in Broadford Primary school. 

The children who received certificates for the 4R awards are: 

Adu for his refelctiveness.

Viviana and Varvara for reciprocity and Danny for his resourcefulness in his learning. 
Thomas and Freddie for their resilience.
Faizah got  awarded for her reflectiveness. 

Zoe for her resilience and Anish for his reciprocity.

Edward, Noah, Finley and Riley for their resourcefulness in their kindness across the school. 

Ash Class on their reciprocity.

Well done to all of our tracker award winners, in particular Noah and Riley on their star awards. 

Daria, Elisa Isla and Praharsh have been awarded the 'made my teacher happy' award for brightening up the weeks and lives of their teachers and classes.


A huge well done to Riley on his Human Calculator award for Division brilliance. 

Well done Etana; our Worry Warrior. 

Well done to Shivangi and Kevin on their certificates of presentation. 

Well done to all of these children who levelled up on TTrockstars!


A happy Easter and Ramadan and break to everyone and we can't wait to have you all back for summer term! 

Some of our enthusiastic Easter Hat paraders!
Harry representing year 4 in our assembly when Queen's hospital came to thank us for our Christmas art work.

Ash Class celebrating St. Patrick's Day and learning about Irish history.


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