Friday, 21 October 2016

Outstanding home learning in Year 3

A number of children in Year 3 have excelled themselves this week in furthering their learning at home! 

Chloe in Sequoia class has been working hard on her column addition and independently demonstrated her calculation skills at home!

"I wanted to practise at home so that I could be even better in class" Chloe, Sequoia 

Ethan in Sequoia class wanted to display his non-fiction writing skills by producing his own information text on dogs. He made sure to include all of the features we had discussed in class, such as using subheadings and a range of sentence openers.

"I made sure to use fronted adverbials to say when, where and why." Ethan, Sequoia 

Both Chloe and Ethan should be particularly proud of themselves. They are setting a super example to the rest of Year 3! 

Well done! 

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