Monday, 31 October 2016

Word Power in Year 3

The children of Year 3 started their new Literacy unit today where they will be learning all about playscripts and will eventually write their own ending to a play!

The children were introduced to the importance of stage directions and some exciting -ed words that they could use in their own play as stage directions. They acted the words out and reflected on whether or not they had ever felt the words that we discussed.

The words were:

Dejected - to feel sad or depressed 

Astounded - to feel amazed or shocked 

Perplexed - to be very puzzled

Elated - to feel very pleased and excited 

"I felt dejected when I saw that my sister had been given a really great present for Christmas, but then I opened my present and I was given one too! After I opened it, I felt really elated!" Alfie, Sequoia.

Well done, Year 3! I'm excited to see some of these Power Words in your final playscripts. 

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