Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Ash class visit the Rainforest!

Yesterday afternoon, Ash Class were treated to a visit from Jungle Jo - an expert on rainforest animals. She arrived with 6 fantastic live creatures...

Did you know that NO animals hibernate in the rainforest?

First, the class met Brian, a giant Africa land snail. A snail can lay eggs when it is only 6 months old.

"The snail was my favourite because it felt sticky on my hand." Tyrell B

Next, Ash class met a millipede. We were shocked to know that a millipede actually has no eyes.

The millipede had travelled all the way from Madagascar!

"I liked the millipede because it felt like a toothbrush tickling my hand!" Charlie I

We also met Curly Sue the tarantula!

Jungle Jo explained to us that her tarantula is very sensitive and very gentle.

A tarantula eats their food by grabbing it in their mouth, then it adds venom to the food.

When the venom hits the animal it turns to liquid and finally the tarantula sucks the guts out of the animal.

Samuel was selected by Jungle Jo to hold the tarantula.

"I felt happy holding the spider as I have held a tarantula before. When it moved I could feel the hairs on my hand." Samuel

Next, the class met an animal that was originally from a cloud forest in China- The Chinese mossy frogs, called Noodle and Rice.

Did you know that due to deforestation the first animals to die are amphibians?

We decided as a class we would try to eat less chocolate to save the rain forest!

"The mossy frogs were great because they could climb up the wardrobe. It was also really funny when the frog shot water all over Jungle Jo." Kaden N

Jungle Jo told us that the most dangerous animals in the rainforest were actually the black and white bullet ants.

We were also lucky enough to meet a Gecko. It changed colour dependent on the temperature and whether it is wet/dry.

"I loved the Gecko because his skin was rubbery and its belly felt like slime." Evie C

Finally, Ash class met Rosie the snake. Jungle Jo explained that snakes are really well adapted to the rainforest and can save themselves by rolling their bodies into a concertina shape.

"Rosie the snake was the best animal yesterday because she had dry scales that were smooth and I couldn't believe how big it was." Steven D

We were so pleased that Jungle Jo came to visit our school. All of the pupils showed reciprocity being kind to both the animals and each other throughout the workshop.

Miss Daly was very impressed by how brave the class were and pupils conquered some of their fears of snakes/ spiders.

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