Tuesday, 9 January 2018

The Rainforest Comes to Birch Class and here's the Proof!

This afternoon, Birch Class were treated to a visit from Jungle Jo - an expert in animals from the Amazonian rainforest. She arrived with a number of fantastic live creatures...

First there was the giant Land Snail, then the millipede, and even a tarantula! Melisa and Tyler were the lucky students who were chosen to hold the hairy spider themselves...

Jo also brought out a tree frog (Mr Nicol's favourite) and a New Caladonian giant gecko which gave Adi and Alex a bit of a scare!

James, who was also celebrating his birthday, managed to touch his favourite animal of all time - a green anaconda snake!

Birch class were thrilled by our visitor and gained much content knowledge that will be built on this term.

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