Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Natural History Museum Trip - Year 3

On Monday 8th January, Year 3 had a fantastic day at the Natural History Museum! The children had an action packed day inside the museum, exploring and searching for fascinating facts in the mammals zone, blue whale room, the human biology lab and we had privilege of seeing the impressive whale skeleton hanging in the main hall of the museum.

Whilst exploring the blue zone of the museum, we were lucky enough to see some dinosaur bones and hold some of them too!

"I can't believe I got to touch a dinosaur fossil, and then I found out it was fossilised dinosaur poo!" - Vinnie O'Leary, Hazel

The children also ventured up through the giant Earth to the Earthquake and Volcano exhibition. It was brilliant to see Year 3 experiencing what it would feel like to be in a shop during an Earthquake as they entered into a Japanese shop at the time of an Earthquake.

We ended our time at the museum by being shown an Earthquake and Volcano demonstration. Pupils were told how earthquakes and volcanoes can occur. Some children were lucky enough to be picked to test out different equipment that measures earthquakes and volcanoes! 

" I really loved creating a Volcano's lava flow in the show!" James Olatunji - Sequoia

Year 3 had an amazing day exploring and discovering new fascinating facts! We're sure that by the end of this term, all of the children will become volcano and earthquake experts!

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