Monday, 29 January 2018

Year 3 Star Writers

Well done to Olivia and Polina who are our Star Writers in Year 3 this week!

Olivia has written a fantastic episode of 'A Tale of Two Robots'  making an excellent use of editing to improve her story to make it even more effective for the reader! She has re-read her work looking for any improvements and has focused on using extra detail with clear similes.

Well done to Polina who also wrote an amazing episode of 'A Tale of Two Robots'. Polina was able to use convincing dialogue based on her knowledge of the characters and even remembered to punctuate this dialogue correctly! In addition, Polina included emotive language for the reader throughout which made it incredibly enjoyable to read!

"I made sure to edit my work to make my story even better!" Polina, Sequoia 

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