Friday, 19 January 2018

Year 3's Super Star Writers!

Year 3 have amazed us this week with their superb writing of their own versions of 'A Tale of Two Robots'. Congratulations to Kara Middleton and Sophia Houlston who are this week's Star Writers!

Sophia wrote an outstanding story, making an excellent use of '3 -ed openers', dialogue and emotive language to capture the reader's attention. Most importantly, she was able to clearly explain why she used those particular features and how they would make her writing effective.

"I have used dialogue in my story effectively because the reader is clearly able to understand how the characters are feeling at different points." Sophia Houlston - Sequoia.

Kara has written an attention grabbing story with a fantastic use of thought provoking similes to compare objects, correct use of punctuation with dialogue to show character's feelings and excellent use of adverbs of manner.

"I tried to use powerful similes using 'like' or 'as' because it creates an image in the reader's mind and this also helps them to know how the characters might be feeling." Kara Middleton - Hazel 

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