Friday, 12 January 2018

I'm a pupil get me outta here - Meet the teams!

WOW! What an exciting first week at Broadford University for the 'I'm a pupil get me outta here' students.

The pupils were put into groups and given the task of building a den. They were encouraged to complete the team challenge, using their learning powers of resourcefulness, reciprocity, resilience and reflectiveness.

First, meet the 5 teams:

In order for the den to be successful, the groups had to ensure that their den had a shelter/ roof and all the team members had to fit underneath the den.

The staff working with the pupils were incredibly impressed that all 5 dens were successful. Each group created their den within the 30 minutes allocated and all the dens stayed up with the group members underneath.

We can't wait to see more fantastic team work next week!

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