Monday, 15 January 2018

Year 3's Star Writers!

Congratulations to last week's Star Writers in year 3, Laicey and Keira!

Laicey wrote a captivating build up to her story by ensuring to build suspense and use effective dialogue. She was able to write convincing dialogue based on her understanding of the characters and even made sure to correctly use inverted commas!

Keira wrote a fantastic story mountain which she will be making use of throughout this week to help her when she is writing her story.

Keira wrote using clear detail and made excellent use of vocabulary to describe how the main characters of her story would feel after the problems they would experience on their adventures!

" I really like the 2a sentences I used because it describes it more for the reader and creates a clear image in their mind."
Laicey, Sequoia

"I am excited to use the adjective dismayed to show how Robert is feeling because it is more powerful than using sad. It makes the reader feel sorry for Robert!"
Keira, Hazel

Keep up the amazing writing girls!

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